Ella Beanie in White (Adult Size)

  • $125.00

Sh*t That I Knit is a knitwear company based out of Boston, MA. Our Founder and
CKO (Chief Knitting Officer), Christina Fagan '08, learned how to knit as a 10 year
old from the CMO (Chief Mom Officer) Katie Fagan P'08'10 in Cape Breton, Nova
Scotia. As we head into our third season selling knit sh*t, we now employ a group of
women in Lima, Peru who are much better knitters than we are. Because of companies
like ours, they can knit from home- enabling them to take care of their children while
bringing in income to support their families.
Sh*t That I Knit was founded out of a serious love of knitting and a minor love for
joking around about the word sh*t. We like to keep it light, but to get mushy for a
moment, it's because of people like you, supporting small business and insane
entrepreneurs, that we get to live out this dream life everyday.
Thank you for supporting our dreams - we sincerely hope you love your knit sh*t as
much as we love making it!!

Christina + Katie

Proceeds from each sale of the "Middlesex Hat" will go to
The Christina Campbell Fagan '77 Endowed Faculty Fund
at Middlesex